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New Nonconnah MBC
Rev. Clennon and Ruby Saulsberry, Sr.

4701 Tulane Rd

Memphis, TN 38109

The land on which the white Baptists members built a log church structure was first
owned by an Indian named Epperson Cairo. Mr. Cairo sold two acres located at Shelby Drive and Tulane to Geraldus Buntyn who dedicated it to the church in 1848. The church was named Nonconnah Baptist Church. At this time, the boundary line between Tennessee and Mississippi was Winchester Road, which placed the church’s in North Mississippi making it a part of the Coldwater Baptist Association.

In 1885, the white Baptists members built a church on Highway 51 and named it
Whitehaven Baptist Church. The property on Shelby Drive and Tulane was given to the black members to be used as a place of worship with an understanding that the church’s cemetery would continue to be maintained. During this transition, the church was renamed New Nonconnah Missionary Baptist Church.

The history of the church will continue to be written by the energetic efforts of all who
are a part of the church. It is by the grace of God and His blessings that the members of New Nonconnah Missionary Baptist Church will continue to serve God through the preaching and teaching of His Word

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