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In the year of 1883 a few pioneers saw a need in the community for the unifying of the Black Baptist Churches. Its objectives shall be to support Mission and Christian Education in our District and to support State and National Programs. It was given the name of the Whitehaven District Association of West Tennessee and North Mississippi.


The Association is composed of the Pastors of churches that are associated with the body and messengers elected annually by the churches of which they are members. Some of the people serving in earlier years and contributing greatly to the progress of the Association are many.

In 1971 thru 1978 our Moderator Emeritus Rev. A. C. Jackson, Pastor of Mt. Pisgah MBC made significant contributions to the success of the Association.

In 1978 thru 1982 Rev. Wardell Johnson, Pastor of Shady Grove MBC served as Moderator. Rev. R. L. Jones' tenure as President of Congress ended in 1982 after serving a faithful thirty (30) years.

During this time it was Rev. R. L. Jones prayer, that God in his omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and immutable providence would continue to direct the Association to a loftier and more magnanimous stride for advancement of His kingdom here on earth.

In 1983 the District celebrated 100 years of unity. The theme for the year was; "We Come This Far by Faith Leaning on The Lord." During that time Dr. Lester Baskin served as Moderator an issued a strong statement that "The House That ls Divided Cannot Stand", Matthew 12:25.

Since the 100 year celebration the Whitehaven District Association. has continued its strong support for Mission and Christian Education. Those that served during the first 100 years set a strong foundation and left a blueprint that the association continues to build upon. Since that time we have had strong leadership which fosters creative ideas and new missions to the African-American Baptist Churches. Moderators & Congress Presidents who served since the 100 years celebration.




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The resources are not limited to praise & worship but offer such needed items as a food and clothing pantry, a place for victims trying to avoid domestic violence, shelter for storm victims, marriage counseling programs, insurance awareness for elderly and young adults, anger management, and ACT prep courses for our youth just to name a few. Moderator Bartlett fully understands the importance of reaching a person's heart through these programs is also an opportunity to show them that God hasn't given up on them so why should they give up on themselves.


Realizing that abstract theories cannot suffice and mere theological complaints give not the consolation sufficient to troubled hearts. The church must respond to the world's needs in term of life, and the greatest challenge to the life of man in all ages, is Christ and his message.


It is because of your love & support of the District that this foundation that was set by our founding officers and member churches has continued to stand strong and continues to make a difference in the lives of the African American Baptist Churches today.

In 2013 we began a new milestone with our newly elected Moderator Brian Bartlett, Sr. Moderator Bartlett has set our District motto "We are as one, united together to be as one, to the only one God, one faith, and one Baptist", Ephesians 4:5. During his short tenure Moderator Bartlett has progressed to move our District to the 21st Century with the use of modern technology for the use of collaboration and communication. In 2014 we sent a representative to the TBM & EC Oratorical Contest as well as supported many students with financial assistance for college. He has a vision to go beyond the African-American Baptist Churches to become more inclusive. To accomplish this, he works in the community and offers resources to educate groups on the works of the Whitehaven District Association and learn more about Christ.

At the term ended for Moderator Bartlett in 2016 the newly elected Moderator Dr. Bartholomew Orr Sr., Pastor of Brown Missionary Baptist Church began in 2017. No stranger to the Whitehaven District Association, Pastor Orr was blessed to preached at a 5th Sunday night meeting in the early 80's. He has held several positions as well serving as treasurer from many years. The focus is still the same to join all forces to combine churches in the communities with a united team in service and love. Dr. Orr has a vision that the district has received to continue to Change lives while making a difference.



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